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* One acts only
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* Plays must be in the English
* Plays submitted must not exceed 20 minutes in duration (15 pages) -- or one act only (Full drama or Screen play)
* All entrants must enclose a SAE with each entry if they wish their scripts to be returned to them.

Deadlines: Closing date for receipt of submissions is Feb. 1 2007

Awards: A number of winning entries may be selected and each will receive a public rehearsed reading at Theatre UAF, Fairbanks, Alaska, in Spring as part of the THR UAF season. The readings will be directed by student directors.


1st -- production -- Winter Shorts (Reading, Web)

2nd -- stage Reading by the actors (Web)

3rd -- published on Theatre UAF website (as first and second)

Committee: Theatre Faculty, SDA, THR student, English Faculty, Grad Student

Any queries in relation to this competition may be addressed to [Anatoly Antohin], Theatre UAF, 907-474-5253 or by e-mail

2006 samples (two my favorites)
* my comments: 4.29.06 presentation

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7. Awards (if win) -- Theatre Banquet (End of the Semester, see Theatre UAF calendar)


February 11th SCRIPTS DUE


April 4th @ 7 PM PERFORMANCE of Famous for Fifteen Scripts: Readers' theatre format with stools and music stands.

April 5th @ 7 PM PERFORMANCE of Dale Seed's Script The Day That Cries Forever directed by Maya Salganek.

* Famous for Fifteen Scripts:

Stage scripts will be submitted to SDA, voted on by SDA, and performed at Famous for Fifteen. Approximately 3 scripts will be selected for readings. Film scripts will be submitted to Maya, voted on by a film selection committee, and performed in conjunction with the Film Club at a separate event

** CASTING for Famous for Fifteen:

A company of actors will be assembled (number depending on scripts' needs) by SDA and that ensemble will read all of the scripts selected.

Playwrights will direct their own scripts.

Each playwright will chose actors from that ensemble for specific roles to read.

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Theme: "I and Others"

... Call -- Xmas 2009

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Theatre UAF (Script) Play Fest

2008 -- 4th spring fest 2008

3rd Fest Spring 2007

Matt and Maureen's Answering Machine

Isaac Paris

Maureen. A cute librarian type with impeccable hair and preppy clothes. Likes jazz and has a parakeet.

Matthew -The hipster indie type with tattoos and cigarettes in his trendy jacket pocket. His jeans are slightly torn, and his hair is a mess under his trucker baseball cap.

There are two tables on a stage, each has a book or two, a lamp and an answering machine and phone. The play takes place on dialogue recorded onto answering machines and the actors leaving each others messages. Lights light each answering machine when it is playing a message.

(Phone rings) Ring Ring Ring Ring

Matt's answering machine:

This is Matthew
I couldn't make it
Leave me a message if you think I can take it

Lights up on Maureen. She is mousy and hot. She twirls the phone cord in her fingers. She looks out a window. She has a phone held to her mouth and is slightly surprised when the beep hits her and so stutters on her introduction.

It's me
We met at the coffee shop
My name is Mo.
I thought you seemed cool
and I thought I'd be a tool
If I didn't call and say so.
So many phone numbers
get thrown in a basket 
or lost in the wash
it would be tragic
to lose yours; you're hot.
I was coming from the vet
when we met, my poor pet...
I needed a brownie
I was so upset and depressed:
my life and my parakeet's health was a mess.
but you cheered me up
and over that cup
that we shared you seemed like
you kinda cared, you have clout
so I wanted to ..
I never do this...
I mean I NEVER do this
but I wanted to ask you out.
578, twenty one seventy three
if you want to um... go out with me.

Mo's answering machine:
This is Mo
this Sister ain't home,
leave me your data at the sound of the tone.

Lights up on Matt. he is a hipster, with a tattoo showing on his arm, piercings, a dorky hat. He hasnt shaved in 4 days and he is adorable.

Phone tag you're it
consider your bait bit.
I thought you were hip, and refreshingly bright
thanks for the call, wow, I'd love to... tonight?
I have a place, if you're sick of the heat
we could chill, we could hang, we could chat, we could meet.
I'd love to talk, its a bit of a walk, you might call it a hike;
but I think you'll like this place i enjoy
I've got to cross the bridge 
and go over the ridge
this isn't a ploy, I'm not a flake,
So... give me directions I'll be there with haste 
when you rang I was checking my mail
some bills, some magazines, everything stale
you left such a long message, I was just down on the street
geez, talk about her... how's your parrot, sorry parakeet?
any second now this things going to cut me...

Matt's answering machine
This is matt I'm either at work
or I'm on my way there or from there 
or I'm in the shower, or I'm on the net
or I just dont feel like answeing the phone , I bet.

Maureen, looking uncomfortable, holding a hand bag and a latte, wanders around, looking on the street for Matthew, calls his phone with her cell.

So you arent here...
I'm hoping you're just late.
I wonder how long I have to wait, and 
when this happens, without fail
I think its my fault; I forgot some detail
like what street on which we were supposed to meet
or you stood me up. Its happened before
thats why I was so shy and embarrassed before
I'm nervous and red in the face
and how in the hell do I find your place,
so since you aren't there , maybe still at work.
I'll just wander these streets like a jerk.
No wait... there I see you! Just by the bistro
a phone to your ear like your checking your voice mail
I'm sneaking up on you, your presence it beckons me so
as you listen to this message I left 20 seconds ago.

she runs off stage

Mo's answering machine :
This is Mo
this Sister ain't home,
leave me your data at the sound of the tone.

Dear God... the sex was amazing
your cuvacious curves sent my inner cow grazing.
i'm a bull I'm a stud and I'm swelling with pride!
you dragged out my pessimist, stabbed him- he died!
you took my inner optomist and made him shine
was this cup half full this whole fucking time!
I want to drink your sweat with some salt and a lime
your scent intoxicates me, I'm elated, dizzy
when you get this message, run over here and park it
I'm like a wolf in a cartoon, howling at the moon and barking
you're super like a japanese supermarket
wanna take off your parka in the dark
and bite you all over like a ravenous shark
you've got the kind of hips that make men jump off ships
and those thick pouty lips,
wanna lick kiss and grip ya!
and to top off your ass... you got sass
you're the cleverest quipper
just thinking about you gets me hot,
I just unzipped my zipper
I'm jumping and chirping like flipper.
When you are amorous, you are innovative like DaVinci
and so creative and glamorous, whimsical, a melody
by Antonio Carlos Jobim... or who is that? um... it escapes me
the jazz cat who composed "Linus and Lucy?"
I fall on my floor, when I get home from your place
and I shut the door and I think of your face
one thought repeats, no other can begin..
when can I...
when can I see you again?

Matt's answering machine:
Hey its matt.
thanks for the call. if this is Mo...
your too thin! NO THINNER! Come over, I'm making fettucini alfredo for dinner.

I love to explore the tattoos on your back.
and follow the path they lay out, like a map
and sneak past your piercings
cute little land mines on my way to the prize
each time I undress you is a new archeological find
and I wonder what new freckles I'll find on your spine...

oh, for me its all about the post-coital heartbeat
what makes flirting and courting worth it.
I think that's to blame, for getting it all started
just a desire to hear someone's heart.
Others I admit, have loftier goals
like romance and anniversary dances
you can take away eyes and dark starry skies
take away hips and thighs and the poet's white lies
what gets me up in the morning, my upper that's best
is the heartbeat that rumbles so deep in your chest.

For me its all about the post-coital deep breath
the one you cant help but take, the long exhale
like you've been running a marathon, or lifting a whale
the way you bite your lip and sigh 
in descending pitch
your facial expressions are great,
the way you say ouch
but what gets me off my couch, gets me back for more
is the exhale that follows your petit mort.
goodbye, I adore you, you are tres sexy...

ps you were thinking of vince guaraldi

Lights out.

Mo listening to a message we cannot hear. She is incredulous. Shocked. Her surprise turns into a vitriolic anger and she stomps back and forth� she grips her phone. Furious at it. She dials, takes a deep breath. And when the answering machine picks up she calmly expresses herself.

Matt�s answering machine:
Hi. It�s matt.
No clever message, just Matt. 
How�s that?

Its over, grover.
red rover red rover, do NOT come over tonight.
I changed my lock. useless is your key.
If by chance I see you out on the street,
I wont ignore you, you aren't worth the effort.
more likely, I'll sneer. and as I am jeering.
my friends will be cheering, and I'm sure you'll agree
the girl your seducing, will say- "who is that staring?
and plotting and peering and glaring at us."
"O that is my ex..." and you'll move your feet.
This practice I'll repeat
until I feel I'm sufficiently over with hating you
it may take a week, or a decade or two.

I wrote you a note, in the case I'd run into you,
I'd hope I'd be carrying a sword, if I do.
but I'd have a gift to hand down to you
the title it read- "I wish you dead."
 if it was love we had last week, then
alas, love is fucked up.
that night you cooked supper?
no one told you? I threw up.
at the thought of getting in your bed.
what was in the body of that note?
am I stumping you?
A poem reading- ten reasons I am dumping you.
"you've taken my test and I'm flunking you
there is no chance in hell I'll be humping you.
I pray this message sticks,
though your skull is thick
here's hoping that this will get through,
if there's one of us who will not be coming ... its you."
That party at my place on January two?
don't bother showing up, I uninvite you .
This is to spite you, I'm taking delight dear,
in telling you frankly,
we're through."

mo's answering machine:
Hello this is Mo.
girlfriends, hot guys, please call back
CHEAT! INFIDEL, You steaming stack of scat!
You cocksucker, you backstabbing blackguard, you BAT!

A city with no one but you 
would be a dystopia, but worse than two.
some nightmare Orwellian shit
a cacotopia deep as a pit.

I wont claim I wish i could go back in time
and say I planned to break your heart before you broke mine
its a shock, true, but I'm recuperating well,
from your love like a poison inside.
Being expensive, bland and a prude
You remind me a bit of hospital food.
Not to deride you, but I've decided without you,
There's a greater chance I'll come through.
Not to blight you, or incite you to violence 
but my dearest, this love that you give, 
is more fitting a houseplant or a pig.
One you wish to die slowly
rather than on a whim,
its a calculated plot as thin as the skin
on your decaf latte foamed milk skim.

I can only imagine my chilling demise
if I had stayed another week, I'd have certainly died-
on necks they'll raise hairs, when a young man declares-
"Ms. Crimson, in the bedroom with a pin!
You were tamer than tame, a donkey lame,
 and blander than soft chicken broth.
I got more excited when in flew a moth.
colder than the ice planet known as HOTH.
I had better sex once with an ostrich egg
that I dug up one night in the sand
 it was warmer than you ever were
I guess I need more practice...
I confused an egg for a cactus.

Matt's Voice: 
This is Matt's, sorry I haven't returned calls
I was falling in love, but I'm back from my fall
Dad send money, one of my loans is due, I can't tell which,
Mom, you were right that girl was a bitch.

The shit you left over here
I burned it.
Thanks for the message
it proves how you've earned it.


sound of phone slamming down

Mo's answering machine: 
You've reached
578, 2173
leave a message...
or don't whatever... suites me.
Vincent fucking died...

there is a long pause... where Matt is deciding what to say.

Matt's Voice:
I'm sorry about Vincent, maybe we could get
a gecko, or a beta... or some other new pet?
and our trip to the pet shop, that could be a date
and maybe, we dont have to share Vincent's fate.
You totally overreacted. I swear its true.
there's no one I've been with since I've been with you.
Sorry I blew up at you like that, I can't claim PMS.
I made a mistake. I have been a mess.
I was just so mad that you'd dump me. I was numb.
because... I really liked you, I know it sounds dumb
I had to prove to myself I could feel.
so I shouted and called you names... like a heel.
I'm lonley, life without you is boring.
I exaggerated,  and I'm sorry.

Silence on the message machine

Mo's Voice:
Not my place, or yours
let's meet somewhere neutral.
like that coffeeshop where I first saw you
when our flirting was new and playful
how long did that last?. that part flew by too fast
Those days we wasted, when we hadn't seen each other naked;
and we weren't trying to come up with new ways to be hurtful.
sorry I chewed you out, but damn you were mean.
If I can forgive you, then there is some hope, at least a small beam.

the end


Copyright 2005

TED Male mid 20s to mid 40s

DR. MURPHY. Male A doctor, Late 20s and up

DEVIL. Male, Any age.

ANGEL. Male, Any age

Scene. A sparsely furnished hospital waiting room.

Is there anything�

I�m sorry�I know, this is difficult�

She was doing so much better� and�

I need to go back in there, but if you have any family in town they should come tonight.

I need a minute before I go in there.

Of course. Mr. Smith, if you�ll allow me many patients find prayer can be helpful in times such as these. I know it�s been a source of comfort for me.

I don�t understand why�

I can�t give you any answers about that. (exits)

I ain�t much for praying but come on man you gotta or�woman� whoever�s out their please, don�t take my little girl from me. It�s been tough raising her on my own, but I�ve done the best I could and she didn�t do anything to deserve this thing� as far as I know she didn�t do anything to deserve this. I don�t think she could have, she didn�t really leave the house more than other kids� I don�t know. I just don�t know, please whatever you want. whatever it takes. if you could? Please. Please. Please ( lengthy pause)
Well I guess if it can�t happen it can�t� (he goes to leave)

the doctor returns

Mr. Smith. I don�t know how to tell you this but� it looks like it�s� gone. We can�t find any sign of the growth. We�ll have to run some tests but this may be what we can honestly call a miracle. Hallelujah. (exits)

I can�t believe this. It�s so-
(a puff of smoke and a devil appears in full red getup with horns and a tail. He is holding a red pitchfork)

DEVIL (devil runs up and hugs Ted)
We did it, we did it, I knew that with you�re belief and my sprit we could do it if we tried.


We did it.

We did it?

Hey, I can�t take all the credit you asked for my help.

Yeah but-

No, buts� we did it.

I get that you think we did something�

Something? We brought you�re daughter back!

But we didn�t� I was praying.

And I answered your prayers.

You�re a devil.

So you think that I�m a devil, just because of the way I look and dress.

But you are aren�t you?

Yes, but as a rule you shouldn�t judge people based on appearances.

Are you saying that you are a� you cured my �

No, I just really wanted to give up my Saturday night to come hug you


You have a problem with that.

No� no� oh I get it. So you did cure�?

Do I need to cure your hearing too, yes and she�s fine now.

Well�um thanks.

Please, I�m here for you

Well� I�ll be going in now� I guess.

Wait Ted, there�s the matter of your soul(maniacal laughter)

I didn�t promise you� but� I�

( the devil maniacally laughter dissolves into real laughter)
You should have seen the look on you face I wish I had a camera it was priceless�

So I don�t owe you a soul

What how would that work, contracts, and triplicate, come on buddy.

Well alright then so I guess-

Murphy Enters

The chief of surgery will be up in just a minute. I cannot tell you how happy we all are for you, it just restores your faith� um hello� is this a friend of yours.

Um, this is um�

You may know me by my other name� George Washington.


No, but I love doing that.

Funnier each time.

So you�re�

The devil yeah that�s me. Well a devil really.

You escaped from a psyche ward.

Yo. Dr. dumbass. I got a tail, you know anyone with a tail and horns?

Can I examine it?

Not on a first date.

I�m a doctor.

Does anyone on this planet have a sense of humor anymore. Take a look.

MURPHY (doctor examines DEVIL)
Alright these horns are um� and this tail�

Don�t stop.

Devil�horns� tail� alright�I know what I must do. Begone evil demon!

You know it�s sad that Hollywood has coarsened culture to the extent where people think that works.

I don�t believe this.

What is he doing here?

Doctor, I think I know why you�re upset. I�m not trying to put you out of a job. Think of us as a healing team. Now let�s find a nurse to take a photo of us!

You healed his daughter?

We healed his daughter, now where�s your boss? I can�t wait to tell him what a great job you did. I wouldn�t have had anything to work with if it wasn�t for you.

I�m sorry your daughter is the spawn of Satan.

Excuse Me?

Whoa, I met that dude today, do I need to call my attorney. I don�t need a another paternity suit cramping my style.

The demon has made its move and now the spawn must be destroyed.

TED (Ted blocks door)
Whoa, what?

I�m sorry we can�t allow her to live.

Why the hell not?

The devil healed her.

It was a team effort, come on here guys.

MURPHY (raising his pen)
I am the sword of the righteous and I will smite those wh-

Blah blah blah (to Ted) I�ve seen this before. I show up, they start talking about the sword of righteousness.

God give me strength and let me pass through these heathens.

What the hell is that, a pen knife?

I can�t� get the�cap off� oh there�s a scapel in the other room.

Second puff of smoke an angel appears with a weird machine like contraption strapped to his back and a long flowing fake white beard.

Great the fun police.

Hmp ph hmpgh hmph (muffled)

What now?

Angel taking beard off.

Sorry, damm beard. What�s the problem here.

He�s trying to kill my daughter.

ANGEL (to the devil)

How dare you!

Not him.

Isn�t that a doctor.

When will you ever learn profiling is wrong

That�s not�I�your holding a pitch fork� I don�t have time for this now. Doc why are you trying to kill the kid?

God told me to.

No he didn�t.

Yes he did.

No he didn�t.

Yes he did.

Yes h-� urgh. Did I jump into hell acciedently cause I�m pretty sure that�s what they do down their.

No it�s a big party.

We party too.

I bet Job is real barrel of laughs when he starts telling his stories.

We were having a costume party when I got called out of it for this.

Hey, sorry to bother. But crazy doctor doom still threating my daughter, which by the way seemed to come on pretty quick.

Seemed a bit sudden to me to.(giggles)

(to Devil) You shut up. Now Ted their is a very long technical explanation for Dr Murphy�s condition.

I�m in the room. I�m sane. This child needs to be-

Long story short, uh�demon shock. I �ve seen it before, we can get through this. Now doctor, no one told you to kill that girl.

But she�s been touched by the devil.

ANGEL(to devil)
You did what!

He�s being metaphorical and you�re being judgmental, just because I look different-

Why is your pitchforks glistening?

Er� damm fluorescent lights.

I so don�t need this, just stop with the trying to kill. The whole doctor thing, trying to save lives, that�s fine, good, opposite of killing, good.

But god told me just a few minutes ago-

Do you see the wings� do I got to get the metatron down here so you can have it from the horse�s mouth�so to speak.

So god wasn�t really telling me to kill the girl because of her link with evil.

She�s not evil


There is no evil-


In her living, is how I was going to finish that sentence

How can I know when god is talking?

Um kinda, curious about that one myself.

Well�you have to listen carefully and�

I did he told me destroy the evil.

You�re killing me, here look at the wings and trust me.

Look at the wings, judge me by looks.

How do I know you�re not the devil trying to trick me.

Don�t go blaming your crappy ideas on me.

I now, really, understand what surreal is.

God doesn�t want you judge people based on appearances and most importantly god doesn�t want you to kill children

The afterlife as an after school special ladies and gentlemen. What about abr-

I mean he might ask but that�a very unique instance� and he doesn�t do that anymore.

Hold on let me write this down. What about pulling the plug or...

Didn�t say that, not making any proclamations, like I said, got called in here still wearing my costume, I�m just trying to fix the problem somebody here caused, I�m looking in your direction Dr. Pitchfork.

So her evil must be suffered because-

She�s not evil alright. You ever done a transplant? Sometimes good things come from bad. We can�t rewind time.

You can�t rewind time?

I can.

We could if we wanted to. But nobody does it so, stop asking, we play the hand we�re dealt and go from there.

I�ve seen the light

Gimme a break

Is everyone happy now?

I�ll go check on the patient.

Is he?

He�s fine.

(Murphy Exits)

Well, my work is done here. Or is it?


ANGEL and TED ( in unison)
Is it?

It�s a rich tapestry� yeah, I�m done, oh, and you�re welcome! Nice costume, I just got it. Cute (exits)

Go to your daughter Ted, you won�t be seeing me for a good long while.

That�s it you just do a clumsly debate and that doctor stops being crazy and this is not making�

On the plus side your daughter�s fine.

Thank you so much for keeping your crazy ass follower from thinking he was listening to you� I guess.

That�s ok Ted. I wear a halo and this day was weird even for me. But its days like this that we wear the wings.

Well thanks again, I don't know if this is a regular position or not, but thank you for coming.

Thanks normally, I spend most of my time rigging the outcome of sporting events based on which teams prays more with the amount of gold or diamond encrusted cross�s they own, taken into account.

Oh, well that�s�

ANGEL (laughing)
You should have seen the look on your face, no I fight demons.

That just keeps getting funnier� Thank you again� One thing before you go.

I can only do ballpark on when you're going to die.

No, no. What is that supposed to be on your back? I get you're an angel in costume but� is that a fan on you back, are you fan-man or man-fan or angel-machine?

I'm deus ex machine.

Oh that's...

Yeah it's highbrow, no one else got it' go be with your daughter.

(TED and ANGEL exit)

THE END [ not proofread ]